10 ways to say yes in English

You might be wondering, “Hey! What’s this lesson about? I already know how to say yes.” I’m sure you do and it’s probably one of the first words you learnt in English. ‘Yes’ is the most standard of affirmations and commonly used. But English is filled with various ways to give a verbal affirmation to someone. I’m sure you can do better than using the plain old ‘yes’. So let’s take a look at the other ways to say yes!

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3 Tips to Use the Word ‘Information’ Correctly

Learners often make mistakes when they use the word ‘information’ because they are unsure of its singular and plural form. When we talk about a large amount of information, is it correct to use *informations* or *information* ?

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10 Amazing Words Instead of VERY

How often do we use the word ‘very’ to express something?
We tend to over use it? Don’t we?

Did you know that there are other, more effective words that you can use instead of ‘very’?

Improve your vocabulary with these 10 amazing advanced English words. Watch the video to find out what they are! 😀

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The Spelling Challenge!

Spelling English words can be tricky! There are words that are spelt exactly the way they sound and then there are sneaky silent letters that can easily give anyone a headache. Is it ‘writing’ or ‘writting’? Should I write ‘goverment’ or ‘government’? Which spelling is correct? If you find yourself confused, you’re not the only one. Many learners struggle with English spelling because they are confusing.

But don’t worry! It is possible to improve your English spelling. I’ll leave a few tips on how to do that at the end of the post.👇📝

Right now, are you ready for a little spelling challenge?😃 

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